About EndoPack

EndoPack is a specialised Industrial Packaging Solutions company. We create, design and manufacture a wide range of timber products from bespoke one off boxes too big same product orders. We protect customer goods by innovative packing methodologies and pride ourselves in customer satisfaction. We also have teams that go out to pack on customer sites, 3rd party sites and at our premises in Alrode. We also stock a wide arrange of packaging equipment.

Our Services

Selecting Endopack's services means that you will be assisted by a skilled team. Find out more about our services below or by contacting us now.

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Working with clients to establish needs and best practice for their products.
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Crating of high value items for export purposes
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Powershrinking of products for moisture control. has a one year UV resistance for storage outside.

Latest Technologies

Our software program that was designed in Switzerland to cater for rooftrusses has undergone some changes to cater for our packaging needs. This helps develop our crating specs to cover all eventualities when it comes to customer goods.

The software works on timber breaking strenghts, footprints of product, load distribution,etc.

It helps when it comes to the engineering of crates for special needs.

Great Support

At EndoPack we are big enough to cater for our clients needs but small enough to care. 

We have built our business on mutual trust and core values.

We believe in service excellence and going the extra mile to make sure of customer  satisfaction.

Its our business to minimize your packaging costs 

Extremely Flexible

At EndoPack we understand supply chain and the nightmares it creates.

We understand that packaging is sometimes the last thing on peoples mind and therefore we cater for exactly that reason with dedicated and motivated staff understanding this and knowing that after hours work are sometimes necesarry to get clients goods out.